Based in Lille (France), GLITCH Design Studio is Julien NGUYEN creative multidisciplinary product design studio.
GLITCH has developed a strategic and holistic approach to product creation and has worked on projects across Europe and Asia.

My Process

By understanding the people I design for, I enable my customers to bring light to their project.
To do so, your project will go through several phases

1. User and Market decryption

I observe, understand and analyze your customer needs. I identify the customer journey and propose a product that fits their expectations.

2. Brand Identity

A product's uniqueness is largely due to the brand behind it. I capture the essence of your brand and translate it into our design process.

3. Conceptualization

I research ideas and give life to concepts. I shape them through doodles, sketches, 3D models and renders.

4. Engineering and Development

I optimize your product by integrating technical constraints as early as possbile in order to ensure the success every step of the project.

My Work

GLITCH's scope ranges from domestic equipment to personal accessories.
Explore the projects of the studio in conceptualization, product design and engineering :

My Services

My know-how applies to a variety of fields of expertise.
So why GLITCH ?
What I can offer you :


Idea Sketches
Story Board

Product Design

3D Modeling
Visual Identity
Graphic Pattern

Engineering Support

2D Modeling
Technical Optimization
Cost and Quality Expertise

My Clients

They trust GLITCH :

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